Droop-E "Im Loaded" Feat. E-40

E-40's son Droop-E really starting to come into his own as an complete artist...

First heard the kid on a skit with his pop on "Federal" (1992), one of my desert island LPs. He sounded about 3 or 4 years old. "Daddy, why you always mean muggin'?"

Droop debuted his skills with a verse on Fortywater's iconic "In a Major Way" album back in '95 spitting on the conscious track "It's All Bad"...At this point he's about 6 or 7yo.

Droop-E resurfaced a master beatsmith in his teens producing multiple legit smash hit records with his pop, Mistah FAB, Turf Talk, Ya Boy and other heavyweights.

Now he's back to flowin too...Uh oh....Could be a problem for suckaz.

A Dynasty in the making...

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