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F.F.S.C. - Vanity & Insanity *REVIEW*

1.The Weed Song
A song about...? weed. Shit is hella funny with skits from several different movies. Dunce starts it off with a witty flow then Dub-L-U comes in spittin some tongue twisters which are hella dope. Then Shemp comes in and also sings a little on here in a true weed smokin fashion. The beat fits perfect on this cut.... Private Ryan rips it with his verse to end the cut b4 a hilarious movie clip...whatever that shit is from tell me cuz its funny as fuck.

2.100 Miles An Hour ft Andre Nickatina
AHHHHHHHHHHH, this beat was MADE for Nicky.... he needs to get @ dunce for some beats cuz it's taylor made. Nicky spits some vintage nicky shit, but u immediately forget that once rikki g starts singin on the hook, shit is hella smooth. Dub-L-U spits hella raw.. "new n improved funky fresh sex crew on ya bitch ass's" its not even what he says... just the attitude and presence when he flows. Shemp steals the show on this cut talkin about all the hoes he ran through while livin this life high speed. Private Ryan also brings heat as well.

3.Magnum P.I.
lol another funny ass cut. Dub-L-U spits hella sick on this cut....(in a western voice.. "ffsc..them boys is decent!" ........ then he goes into michael myers as austin powers shit lmao man..real creative innovative flow on here. I like the break down on the chorus as well. Shemp flows dope with some nice lines as well "an im while im young im ah party all summer break" real dope cut.

4.Ridin Like A Trojan ft San Quinn, Fully Loaded, Willie Hen
Quite possibly the tightest cut on the cd...hard 2 say cuz theres so many heaterz. Don Toriano fuckin rips this cut.. i aint even gonna post the lyrics jus pleez believe. Lil Bailey brings heat as well...Of course Quinn brings it, real strong lyrical delivery on this cut. Willie Hen also sounds like he was born to flow on this cut... but outta nowhere Shemp steals the shine on this cut to me droppin some lyrical shit... "rappin like amateurs..get yo shit tossed like trash...cannisters" & "yall frail muhfuckas betta hit some bench presses". But then Private Ryan comes in with fire... "aint no playa like a sco one"

5.Hi Class
Shemp solo cut... not a very long cut. Just a quick crazy lil cut. Shemp flows but the beat is a little crazy on this 1 for me.

6.Sleazy Lover
Hahahahha man, this shit is sampled from some 80's tune I cant think of right now but this shit is rreeeeeeal dope. The girl on the hook is blowin real nice, and Dub-L-U & Shemp bring heat on this shit, talkin bout the male whores they r. "Getting sexy looks from real hot brauds" this is the anthem for college cats on spring break right here.

7.Friday Night ft Ap9
OMG, fuckin Dunce outdid himself on this beat, shit is gangsta as fuck. AP9 shreds this cut to pieces.... "with the funky fresh sex crew, nigga i want some sex 2". Homie of the hook is HAAAARD! and dunce scratchin n shit in the hook. Shemp spits hard as fuck...."NICE" hahaha man. But Private Ryan tears this shit up 2 me stealing the show. "wonder why they callin u bitch? u give headshots!" man the whole verse he flows. A contender for the tightest cut on the album.

8.What You Up Against ft D-Fresh, Cellski & Daddy Marco
This shit here knocks tremendously. Dub-l-u starts it off "fuck it make this bucket smash faster boiiiiiiiii" whoever is on the hook once again rips it nice. Shemp spits what in my opinion is maybe the best verse on the cd along with one he spits later in the cd.
"I told my boss i work better when im drunk". Cellski flows hard as well.

9.Ready 2 Party
HAHAHA shit man... another sample of an 80's song. This shit is funny as fuck. All of em come hella creative on here. Dub-L-U & Shemp shine on this 1 tho no doubt.

10.Guess Who's On The Payroll
LOL macarena!!!!!!!! Dub-L-U spits the single tightest verse on the whole cd on this cut. 2 many tight lines in it to even list one... U NEED TO LISTEN. Shemp comes after him nicely with some creative shit to the hoes, the others come tight, but just when u think shits over private ryan ends the song with the tightest 2 bars of the cd...."................?" LISTEN TO FIND OUT WHAT I MEAN.

11.They Dont Really Want It ft Big Rich & Don Toriano
Nice cut here, not as creative as alot of the others but solid none the less every1 spits about equal on this cut.

12.Listen Up Addicts ft San Quinn
Here they tell people even tho they rap mostly bout drugs n sex n havin fun life does have serious aspects. Quinn comes raw and it was nice to see him on more then 1 cut on the cd. Solid cut

13.Live How You Wanna ft E-day & Marco
Possibly the tightest cut on the cd also lol seems like most r! Excellent hook "live how u wannnnnnaaaa brothers on my block smokin mar ij a wanna" Dub-l-u lets u in on this one. Real deep cut. Luvin this shit.

14.Cocaine Anthem
Similar to the weed song except we dealin with coke on this one....a dope song for u coke heads out there some major tweakin shit on the beat.

15.Choose Your Destination
Again...possibly the best cut on the cd... Shemps flow rivals his earlier one for his best on the album "playboy we gon make it but the road gon be bumpy" Dub L U also flows hard.... "me n lobie mac's blowin up hold me back". Luv the chorus on here, just luv this cut.

16.The Draft ft Don Toriano
DOPE ASS CUT...very creative and original luv the movie clips from full metal jacket. Tori rips it and so does Shemp, u just gotta peep this 1.

17.Snowy Mountain
Hella original beat from Dunce. Shemp rips it up on this cut... "i met a fly bitch on the inter net" SNOWY MOUNTAAAAAAAAIIIIIIN. LOL Dunce is a foo on this shit.

18.Planet Of The A-Holes
EFFIN S-O-B haha man another cut that might be the best on the album. Every member rips this shit up, this cut defines what FFSC is and is about. There jus some a holes crazy and wacky doin wtf they wanna do.

19.So Lonely
Luvin this shit here... just some laid back reality shit but of course they come nuts as usual with some off the wall lyrics. Dunce shoulda used that singing he does after verse 1 "so lone lone lonelaaaaaaaay" haha nice way 2 end it.

Overall this album is top 2-3 of the year 2 me. But eff all that..bottom line is it's a solid dope ORIGINAL dare to be yourself album. This review has no dick riding or anything like that. This is just my opinion. But to me I dont know how someone couldnt like this cd. Very dope release and I would recommend it to any1. I can bump at least 15 of the 19 over & over, which I cant remember doing in a long time. Dunce excelled on the beats and Shemp Private Ryan and Dub L U all have there moments on the album. There were so many tight lyrical lines I didnt post alot cuz I want you to be surprised like i was when i heard it. Dont sleep on this release.

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