Real Azz Days

The FEDS are activating the next phase.... tame the internet craze by seizing websites... the licencing war... the unconquered frontier...
Why they have yet to shut down this here particular paraphanlious site is beyond explanation... It's not like wer not hot enuff. Son wer blazing right now...
Probably cuz we only link to free ish... Well we don't really got exclusives like that...except for our own music which we have the right to pimp out as we please...
But yo beware out there... Big brother is making a comeback and coming back for what was took...  Look.


The Natural

Young Frisco spitta Roach Gigz gasssin... Easy natural flow... Identifiable character... Swag... This kid has "it"... #pause

Roach Gigz - Respect It

Official Website

Look around The Next Generation has arrived... Shouts to Wiz, Based God, JCole, etc



Part 2 in the Flame series, after Blue. B has promised a whole bunch more: Black Flame, White Flame, Platinum Flame, etc. AND EVIL RED FLAME
No doubt Based God is the funniest rapper in the game...
So far Hugh Hefner, Hate in My Heart, Out the Hood, and I Win are standing out to me. Is Hugh Hefner an MF Doom beat? *NO* It has to be.*IT DONT* Awesome beat either way and Based God bodies it. *EDIT* We received this urgent EMAIL from the ACTUAL producer of the track....
"Wondering who produced this?  It wasn't MF Doom, it was me (@Silky Johnson), although I am flattered by the comparison.  Keep an eye out, I'm working on a whole mixtape for him right now.

EDIT 2!!!!!!!!!!!! DECEMBER 1......
Lil B dropped the sequel to Red Flame last holiday week.... EVIL RED FLAME:


The cover is now even redder...lol...
This is some classic material as B continues to evolve and transform...
Thanks Based God 


Welcome 2 Mavericks!...

Presenting the epic legendary local Original Lurked Surfer MC:
Chuck Deuce
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Shout to TravCurly
Welcome 2 Mavericks!